It was Bloggus Bloggus, who, in very ancient Roman times began to inscribe upon an ever-growing number of similarly formatted stone tablets, her thoughts about subjects ranging from the fate of the universe to her favourite yoghurt.

Following in that great lineage of people writing down what other people will not publish, this bit of website is where I throw words into the ether, tacitly hoping they might stick, or at least hit some kind of fan.

So, if you’re reading, thanks! You’ve already indulged me a little, and I can only hope that you enjoy the miscellany of opinion, second draft and existential want that will doubtless ensue.

With tremendous ambition, I’m going to aim to upload one thing per fortnight (Articles, Stories, Poems, Big News, Yadda Yadda). So far I have three things written, so you’ve that much guaranteed. If nothing else, I got to make a stupid Kurt Vonnegut pun on my name, and that’s probably enough to take the positives, really, if we’re being totally honest.

I’ll try and continue to be totally honest.

 – 9th of February 2018