This page mentions people and circumstances in the world of poetry and farther afield that I have stumbled across and liked. Think of it as a pin board that things don’t fall off unless the wifi is patchy. As a list, it’s gonna be studiously inexhaustive, and I will add to it sporadically.*

took the picture of me that is on the front page of this website. She also takes other pictures, perhaps at your event that you are organising.

is a prog-funk keyboardist with a prog-funk Soundcloud to which he uploads surrealist masterpieces. There’s surely one vis-à-vis Granola.

is a Sheffield-based comedy-poet-actor-eagle-man. He’s all these things and more, and is/was/may again be one third of Forest Sounds Theatre.

is one of the whole country’s best performance poets. So there.

is a writer and filmmaker. He DSLR’d my poem ‘This is Hummus’, and was patient when I forgot bits. He is only sometimes possessed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

is a robot, a gorilla and a luchador who share a love of inflatables.

is one of poetry’s coolest voices, and organises many spaces for other people’s too. She’s got this one about ‘the vividness’. You should hear it.

is an ex-correspondent in Buentoille, the City of a Thousand Festivals. Every day for a year, he wrote a short article about the festivities taking place.

is an excellent poet and one of the best makers of the poetry things happen.

is a comedian, poet, artist and musician. He’s making a concept album called ‘Last Lettuce to Spain’. Need I say more?

is Dave Ferris, Ben Lee and Oscar Reynolds playing irrepressible organ funk. Go on, try not to dance.

is perhaps the funniest one of those I have seen perfom, and effectively a one man Midlands poetry scene. Link to his site chosen at random.

Does embroidery or something. Have a look.

*And that’s that. But wait, you don’t see your name here. What? WHAT? 1) You’ve reached a level of generally held acclaim, that it would be sheer incongruous for you to appear on this, my tin pot corner of the internet. Like a giant hat on a tiny dog. 2) You create, exist, amaze as a wonderful human person in real life, and have not, like me, fallen down the internet’s make-believe wishing well. 3) You are the grain of rice that slipped through the colander of my hopeless memory, and are no less tasty for it.