I hope the fingers typing this are still attached to me, Jack Crowe, a writer and performer based in Birmingham. I have been pursuing my dream of an online presence inefficiently by standing on stages performing poetry. Yet, finally, we are here.

But who am I? I’ve written three versions to read, depending on how much time you have. This was the first one, so if you’re running for a train and it’s been affecting your stride length, ta for looking.

For those punctual, safely in the carriage – I found out there was poetry-on-a-stage at the University of Birmingham in 2012. I gave it a whirl, and have since featured at Midlands poetry nights such as Howl, Grizzly Pear and Stirchley Speaks. This has been fun (utterly terrifying), and well received (100% not boo’d).

Now, three great big name drops: I competed in the 2016 Finals of the Hammer & Tongue Poetry Slam at the Royal Albert Hall. In 2017 I worked with the RSC and Apples & Snakes, to write and perform at ‘Bright Smoke’ in Stratford-Upon-Avon. I wrote a poem as a Christmas present for my friend Tariq and he really liked it.

I’ve further spoken words in such venues as a hairdressers in Cotteridge, Worcester, a sort of tent in Cotteridge, and Swindon (up a hill). To add to the globetrotting, do get in touch. I might also mention that I co-organise and compere a highly irregular Poetry & Music night called Funkenteleky, with an organ genius wizard called Dave. It is a lot of fun. And indeed, talking of – err – music, I play classical guitar in various scenarios myself.

Right now I’ve got me a first class Creative Writing Masters from Birmingham, and enjoy being able to say ‘I am a poet’. It still sounds a bit unlikely, though, like saying you’re a candlestick maker or a genie. If I’m sitting opposite you in the train carriage, it’s probably not my opening line. I’ll try not to just talk about the weather. Unless it’s really bad hail, or something. It’s funny, isn’t it, the way things fall sometimes.

The longest version of my story is the Lord of the Rings. Me as Baggins. Was a bit touch and go, but some great memories (shout out to the eagles).